Google wants to bring virtual reality to advertising

Or should that more properly read “Google wants to bring advertising to virtual reality?”

Some may argue that all advertising presents “virtual” realities, that is, aspirational realities that readers can only achieve if they buy our products. But obviously we’re talking tech here, not messaging concepts.

So the news today is not that technology keeps creating new mediums to be opened up for advertising messages. That’s been made clear over the last decade or three.

It’s that strapping on a set of goggles that lets one escape from the “real” world will not let one escape from advertising. I predict that Hollywood will be the first to use this technology to promote their upcoming blockbuster films. You watch.

– Al

From Venture Beat:

“There aren’t many people currently using virtual reality yet, but that doesn’t mean Google isn’t looking at how to advertise to them.

“Google debuted a new project Wednesday that’s exploring ways to show online ads in virtual reality. The new project is part of Google’s Area 120 workshop that the company is using for its employees to quickly test new ideas to see if they can become actual products.”

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