Those Russian Hackers Are Busy!

This site is built in WordPress and hosted by GoDaddy. The other day, I was looking through my settings and noticed that with the click of a button I could have it send me an email every time there was an unauthorized attempt to log in and take control.

So I did it. Little did I know that in just 42 hours my inbox would be deluged with 195 emails documenting attempts to hack my site!

(UPDATE!!! It was actually 243 attempts!)

Being the curious sort, I went to GeoIPLookup to see where these hacks were coming from. Sure enough, nearly every single one was coming from Russia. Even those that were not from Russia seemed to be located in the middle of a lake or on a mountaintop, making me think the hackers were even good enough to fake the location of their IP address.


To be sure GeoIPLookup was not just feeding me a line, I entered my own IP address, and it had me pegged exactly right.

So the takeaway, folks, is to be darn sure your website is secure. There is a relentless army of hackers out there looking to compromise you. 243 unique attempts in just 42 hours!


 – Al



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