This site has laid dormant way too long as I relied on it to do my marketing for me while I worked on others’ marketing efforts. It’s time I got back on board my own vessel, don’t you think? Continue below to learn about me, my work, and what a difference a professional Copywriter can make for your business.


Nowhere in your communications is originality more important than in the words your copywriter chooses to educate readers about the benefits of your product or service, and why they should act now.

Well, make that originality plus concision. Plus accuracy. Plus memorability. And it must be quick and easy to grasp. And often written to a specific character count.

All of which begs the question: Why do they call it “copy?” Sounds like a lot of original thinking is required.

It certainly is.

Clearly, your time is better spent focusing on your business. Let me write about it.

Content Marketing

Regular contact with clients, customers and prospects is more than a tactic these days – it’s an imperative.

Magazines and newsletters, both online and print, meld the advertising arts with publishing to give marketers a powerful way to build loyalty and grow their consumer base.

But it’s not easy. Content Marketing, or what used to be called Custom Publishing, is a collaborative process that thrives best in the care of a professional copywriter with success in both worlds, advertising and publishing.

Whether you envision a print publication, a regularly issued e-newsletter, or an email series, I can be that person for you.

Editing and Proofing

Even if your readers can’t write worth a darn and their spelling is atrocious, they never fail to spot errors in what they’re presented online or in print.

They expect absolute perfection from any copywriter who attempts to influence them about anything, be it in an email or a continuing education course.

And well they should. Why should they trust anyone who makes mistakes?

Take it from a copywriter who’s proofed everything from print ads in major publications to mission-critical web pages – you must be letter-perfect.

Let me help you get there.


Surely you’ll want to see some of the clients I’ve worked with so you can determine whether I have the copywriting skills and creativity (and proven results) you’re looking for.
You can start by looking at my YouTube video. Just click on the image at right.
Then visit my Client page.

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Let’s talk

Have a question about copywriting? Or on advertising or marketing in general? Fire away!

Or maybe you have a project in mind. Do you want a professional copywriter you can bring in as needed? Do you have a regular monthly or weekly communication that must go out on time, every time?

Contact me and let’s see how we can work together to make it happen.

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