Attention Tech Marketers: The C-Suite is Your Target Market, Too

Many of my clients over the years have been selling into the high-tech space. This article presents an approach I have often advised them to adopt in terms of addressing the needs of their audience to effectively re-sell their solutions up the ladder to the C-level. The author takes the concept a step further and discusses addressing the C-Suite directly.

– Al

From Chief Marketer:

“If you’re a marketer who supports a technology sales organization, it means you’d better have a c-suite relevant toolkit at the ready. This means:

  • Focusing on business outcomes as opposed to products and solutions
  • Having a relevant ROI story
  • Having credible customer success stories from their industry

“And finally, it means understanding each individual chief executive’s business issues and being able to connect the dots back to your own products, services and solutions.”

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