3 reasons to think twice before injecting AI into your branding

I’ve been focusing my reading lately on AI to learn more about its potential impact on advertising creative.

Much of what I’ve seen is overly generic hype that reminds me of the tale about the blind men trying to describe an elephant by touching just one part of it.

Finally, this article from the scientific community captures my thoughts. What do you think?

 – Al

From Venture Beat:

“‘Artificial intelligence’ (AI) is an opaque term with no commonly agreed definition and a disputed scope. We routinely use it to represent a range of diverse technologies that have the power to bring disruptive changes around the world.

“We need to be able to communicate effectively about the risks and benefits of the various emerging technologies without aggregating them all under a single over-hyped brand.”

Read the full story.

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Image Credit: viewfinder/shutterstock