Dunkin’ Drops ‘Donuts’ – Latest Brand to Shorten Its Name

A case of addition by subtraction. By removing the "Donuts," Dunkin' can now sell anything.

Well, anything one can dunk, or dunk into, I suppose.

I, for one, will miss the donuts.

 - Al

From AdWeek:

"In what it calls an extension of its “first-name basis” with fans, the chain formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts announced at its Global Franchise Convention that it’s now just Dunkin’.

"Dunkin’ is just the latest example of ... older companies shortening their names ... for a younger feel. Weight Watchers shortened its name to WW...Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC in the early ’90s, while The Huffington Post shortened its name to HuffPost in a 2017 rebrand."

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