Six-second Spots: Advertisers scramble to meet new formats

Not long ago, I posted a link to a story about the new six-second ads social media sites want advertisers to start using.

This follow-up discusses foot-dragging by agency creatives who are understandably resistant to the change.

Seems to me that if you can concept a billboard designed to be recognized by drivers flashing by at highway speeds, you should be able to create these “interstitials.”

Of course, I haven’t created one yet myself, but I’d love to give it a shot.


 – Al

From Digiday:

“Earlier this year, Facebook began inserting short ads in the middle of publishers’ videos. That followed news from Google that it would get rid of its 30-second, unskippable pre-roll ads on YouTube and push its six-second unskippable ads.

“The introduction of new formats is theoretically good news for publishers desperate to make money off the content they distribute on the platforms. But even in 2017, many advertisers are still focused on the 30-second spot and aren’t set up to adapt to all the new formats, agencies and publishers say.”

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