Physical Meets Digital in the Future of Retail

If you are in retail and/or etail, or in any of the professions that support B2C marketing, this post is for you.

It’s a pretty comprehensive dive into the major take-aways from the Boston conference.

(Even if you are just a shopper, you may find it interesting.)

– Al

From DM News:

“At this year’s eTail East conference held in Boston’s Back Bay, it was clear that data-driven retail is in the process of taking a huge leap beyond eCommerce. … The retail customer journey … [is] a holistic journey, crossing many channels and devices, and retailers who can’t keep up with today’s agile customer are in jeopardy.

“Everyone went on the record in naming Amazon as the number one challenge all other retailers face. But what struck me was the consistency and consensus when it came to identifying the key themes in retail’s immediate future.”

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Back Bay, Boston: location of eTail East, 2017