How Will Fake News Affect Online Ad Budgets?

From MediaPost:

“Yahoo’s BrightRoll, a demand-side-platform company, wanted to better understand how the fake news problem factors into digital media buyers’ decision-making process … survey found that 96% of advertisers are concerned about fake news … Forty-three percent said they won’t change their spend, but will ask for fake news publishers to be blacklisted.”

No surprise that with all the recent media attention, fake news publishers will feel the pain any medium would feel when acting inappropriately.

– Al

1 thought on “How Will Fake News Affect Online Ad Budgets?”

  1. Brilliant! Thanks, Al!

    As a now retired reporter for technical trade magazines covering the manufacturing sector for 30+ years, I never dared to write any “fake news” articles, if I ever hoped to have any credibility, or if I ever hoped to get paid.

    Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks again, and please accept my

    Best regards,

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