Here’s Why Brands Love Unbranded Vertical Content

We all know the theory of providing unbiased consumer info as a way to win hearts and minds, but this article gives a detailed account of how and why it works.

Pretty darn interesting.

 – Al

From EContent:

“There’s a famous subplot in the 1947 film Miracle on 34th Street that makes marketers of any generation sit up and take notice: Macy’s department store suddenly stops aggressively hawking its wares and instead provides impartial buying advice to customers…The tactic turns into a public relations coup for the chain.

“The template for successful unbranded vertical content (UVC) is fairly simple to understand and emulate…The ultimate goal of UVC…, ‘is to foster information exchange, dialogue, and support for a community with a unique activity, interest, or problem, where the sponsorship of that content is not prominent.’

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