Brands Are Now Blacklisting Mainstream News Sites

Politics aside…

No, wait, those words don’t seem to mean anything anymore with the current climate of divisiveness in the nation.

Advertisers can’t afford to ignore the pervading influence of this year’s political and social malaise. And according to this article, they’re not.

– Al

From Digiday:

“Brands asking their media shops to blacklist spoofed domains and obviously problematic sites like Breitbart from their ad rosters is nothing new. The difference is that now, media buyers are preventing their ads from showing up on any news sites, which would include mainstream ones like CNN and New York Times. Fox News was the only mainstream news site that these sources said was specifically blocked in their programmatic buys by certain clients.

“ ‘I think the definition of “mainstream” is changing,’ said a president of a New York-based media agency. ‘Because of the news proliferation, we have more content to monitor and determine what is appropriate for the client.’ ”

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