Ad Groups Say Google Shouldn’t Play Judge and Jury for ‘Annoying’ Ads

In a new wrinkle regarding online services – one more in keeping with the theme of Blog-ish, that is advertising – we now see an internal struggle between publishers and media about who controls content.

The confusion for consumers, regulators and we content creators can be seen in the paragraph above. “Publishers” and “media” have always been pretty much synonymous.

Now the question is, who is whom and which is which?

 – Al

From Ad Age:

“Three of the biggest marketing trade bodies on Thursday sent an open letter to the Coalition for Better Ads essentially arguing that companies like Google shouldn’t be judge, jury and executioner when it comes to blocking annoying ads.

“The letter … says they are ‘united’ in the effort to remove the ads now marring the online experience [and] programs to ‘diminish unacceptable user experiences must be based on industry-wide self regulation, and not left to individual browser companies … to implement according to their own interpretations and assessment processes.'”

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